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Archive for June, 2013

The Music Video

In response to Jem’s latest Blog on her Ah yes the music video. I totally get it! It’s where you are asked to arrive at a strange studio, be surrounded by people you have never met, be bossed about…

On The Road With Dad – Part 14

Coming Home We staggered onto the plane home, post a celebratory bottle of pop at Frankfurt airport, with the standard Chucklebrother grace that you might expect. Having thought we were bang on time, we realised as we went through that…

On the Road with Dad- a tenth response

The Phone I’m in the bathroom shaving. The sound of this particular appliance takes out everything around it, whiskers, blackheads, stray hairs and especially external audio. “Dad, It’s your phone!” “Whatever!” Those that know me and use their phones to…

On the Road with Dad – Part 13

“Smoke, Rain & Don’t Mention The War” One morning’s observation from Dad: “Umm…maybe don’t wear the blue shorts & tights combo again on stage.” He said, tentatively. “I didn’t wear that on stage.” I replied, slightly tight lipped. “You did….