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The first Blog, and welcome!

Well if you’re reading this, then the Dave Cooke website is finally live.

Thank you Sam, and all at Bluequest, for being patient and guiding me through the CMS maze, correcting, tidying, reapplying and generally making it look half decent.

If you’d ever visited my previous website, you would have seen quite a few Video introductions, with many and varied sections to explain what I do. I think there were 14 in total all having their own unique little ident, and spinning ‘Flash’ gizmo to tease you in.(in case you didn’t see these, I’ve kept the old site live under one of the headings here)

The Videos were also quite ‘cheezy’ so I decided to forego those and attempt to play a little cooler, and simpler with the presentation.

Now, with ‘Flash’ being limited to desktop computers, we decided to redesign and allow the website to be enjoyed not only on regular computers, but also on iPads, Smartphones and pretty much anything else out there. Strange why there are still so many sites out there that don’t work on all platforms, and clients seem happy to let their products and brands appear badly, falling off the screens in random shapes and patterns.

Maybe that’s for another blogpost, but for now, welcome, and I hope you can enjoy the new, streamlined approach and navigation. It’s really easy; There are five main sections, which you will see top right, and also picture icons on the homepage. Just click any of these to take you to the music, words or pictures that I’ve been involved in creating.

Each main page has a few extra pages attached, and you will see these at the top under the main sections, and at the bottom of each main section.

All the videos are streamed from YouTube if you’d prefer to watch them there, and I will be continuing to update the audio content, pictures, and written words throughout.

One nice piece of silliness is that I’ve included ‘The Invoice Book‘ complete and unabridged. I’d love to hear your comments, and if you’d like to buy a copy, then we have an easy to navigate shop, that connects seamlessly to Google Wallet, where you can buy any of the merchandise here.

But the main reason for having this is to demonstrate what a jolly decent Media Composer I am, and that nothing is too much trouble when being asked to write a score, theme, some incidental music, a song, or generally, anything to enhance your project.

As they used to say: “Omnia pecunia possunt” which is posh for ‘You will be pleasantly surprised when and if you get an Invoice!’

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think. I would be delighted if you would subscribe to my ongoing blog, which you can do from the right side bar.

Or you can contact me via the contact form or at the usual Email

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