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On the Road with Dad- a seventh response

Day Off.
curtain-callIt was always known as a ‘free day’ despite the fact that a long journey would be involved. It went as follows:
“Day off, Long Drive, Get drunk!”
So we’ve now been ‘on call’ for almost three weeks, and although we did have one day free in the middle, we were still having to be ‘nice’ to people, asking to use washing machines, ironing boards, and other people’s bathrooms, which can be just as exhausting.

It would seem however that a day off, touring with one’s daughter is an attempt to get as close to normal home activities as possible.
So first, I manage to blag a day pass in a local gym, and Jem stays in bed until 1pm. (snore!)hotel-lobby2We venture out of the hotel, the lobby of which resembles a 60’s Americana stage play. Jem complains bitterly that she is cold and doesn’t want to go out. It’s raining and she complains further. “My legs are cold!”
day-off-coffeeWe find a coffee shop literally next door and totally caffeine out.
And finally, rather than finding a nice quiet restaurant, we decide to do a Thai take out, buy a bottle of pop, and watch a movie on the lap top.Victor Perfection indeed!
And who said life on the road wasn’t exotic?

Having to go back and play some more is almost like going back to school after the holidays. The gigs are great, it’s mainly all the whoo-haa that goes with it, and again, the fact that you generally have to be nice all the time. (not my best virtue as I’m sure you will agree)

There is a limit on how long you can stay patient whilst driving the wrong way down a narrowing road that has no access, knowing that you will have to reverse back the same way. (Especially with a driver that is frightened of going backwards and has already taken most of the paintwork off the side of the van!)

The sound of the German Sat. Nav. barking orders as you try to obey, only to find you’ve gone wrong again;” Achtung,!! Neue Berichtung!!!!”

Soundchecks that never sound the same as the concert! (Being totally spoilt with Naturally 7 sound crew making this even more difficult.)

Dressing rooms that are so dark, you have to change by Braille.

Eating silly food after a gig, and then wondering why you are still wide awake at 3am!!

Breakfasts with meat and cheese.

luggage-trollyChecking into Hotels with anticipation that this one will be slightly bigger than a broom cupboard and finding it isn’t.

Checking out and finding the lift is out of order and you’re on the 6th floor.

No English speaking TV, and badly dubbed German Films.

Hotel rooms opposite churches with ACTIVE BELLS……. SHUT UP!!!

OK, so I think it is time to come home…… apart from the fact that those moments of utter joy and unity, singing and playing to a room full of happy ‘paying’ punters are second to none, and so worth all the additional enduring tosh!
Roll on tomorrow’s gig and the next one…… I’m not sure that I really like days off after all!

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