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On Tour-again Part 3

Half way through this mini tour that already feels like we’ve been on the road for weeks.dc-and-worldIn fact today is Sunday, and we put the clocks back last night. And this morning I’m sitting in the restaurant where last time we were playing our final gig of the last tour.breakfast I’m sitting facing ‘the stage’ looking at a large gold map of the world, mindlessly figuring out where I’ve been, and where I’d still like to go. Presently, home would be nice.
The hotel is aptly called 25hour, where we did in fact experience 25 hours on the day of my birthday on 25th. (give or take!)
We’re off to (Eau de) Cologne this afternoon, third time in two weeks, and the the final spurt to the finishing gig in Munich.

Breakfast can be a noisy affair. Usually I make it a condition that no one should speak, at least until after the cereal and yogurt course. We all agree, but our promoter doesn’t quite get it. And while trying to remain silent, she looks up from her newspaper like a keen expectant puppy, excited to discuss the previous gig, the days travel schedule and the ongoing business strategies. I feel I’m stringing together words in a meaningless fashion nodding in agreement while trying to digest dried out scrabbled eggs and damp toast. Even when Jem decides to join me, she starts out quietly but in the kindest way wants to offer to get me juice, coffee, more eggs, bread, fruit. “SHHHH!!!”
Now, I’m surrounded by loud Germans chomping on their morning sausage and marching fuel, with mobile phones, volume set to Nummer Elf, and everyone being terribly jolly.
“Look will you all stop shouting and put away that accordion!!!!”drawing

It’s not all bad. We’ve already had three fine concerts with great ticket sales, one sell out, and news that Jem is being played on BBC Radio One back in UK.
We’ve done one live TV show, a live radio One show interview with unplugged session, in Berlin.
We’ve even managed to do our washing! Great that the luggage isn’t smelling of damp compost and PGS (post gym sweats)
And at this moment I don’t think we’re missing anyone’s wedding!gtr-poster
Tomorrow I’m meeting my friend and expert guitar doctor Reiner Kallenbach in Mannheim. I may well be introduced to another ‘Mistress’.
Onwards into traffic!!

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