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Going back again to the previous website, I had a section that was loosely called “News”. It was linked to Google’s Blogger, but so far embedded in the site, that I would imagine that no one could find it, never mind read anything I’d written. I think it’s still somewhere out there, but there were some alarming gaps and time warps in applying the latest news, and events.

But thankfully, all that has changed now with this easy to follow and very transparent site. So please follow the ramblings and add your comments. I would be delighted and honoured if you would consider subscribing to the blogs, so you would automatically get them delivered straight to your mailbox. Just fill in your E mail address and that’s it.

You can find me as: thedavecooke on Twitter, and on facebook too. Also check out news on Jem and her facebook stuff for latest gigs, tours, albums, and exciting events.

I intend to stick on some of our songs here, from three great albums. As I write this, the third album has just arrived and is available to buy, both as a CD and MP3 download, so anticipation abounds.

And of course, the shop will feature some really unique and brilliant products, including books, albums and other stuff.

Meanwhile throw me some thoughts and love via Email

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