Welcome to The Live Room. For years I have played on many recordings. From TV tracks to albums, advertising projects and animation films, I’ve provided the instrumentation to bring many productions to life with underscore, themes, songs and sound effects.

Particularly at the beginning, I would travel to various studios armed with guitars, sometimes keyboards and computers so that the choices of textures and noises would be available at the press of a button.

Sadly, the demise of the larger studios and happily, the availability of home studios has made the need to travel less attractive and certainly a great deal cheaper.

Despite the romance of being in a large well-equipped studio and having the pressure of coming up with things very fast against the clock, we now have the luxury of providing pretty much anything from the equally well-equipped home environment often known as The Live Room.


Having been asked many times to provide tracks, stems, full productions and any other audio variation, I am opening this out further to offer a full service direct from The Live Room.

I have a studio that includes real piano, keyboards, organ, blues mouthorgan, real acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, electric guitars, percussion, bass and drums, string arrangements (a speciality) and any additional software variation that runs up to full orchestrations.

This service is separate to bespoke arrangements and composition. You provide the songs or whatever and I’ll fill in the required gaps.

How to

Simply send me your project with what you need. If it’s some acoustic finger picking guitars or electric power chords, lyrical piano or soaring retro synthesisers, a solo blues harp or a pounding bass line it’s all possible. Even selected woodwind and brass with weird sounding pads, all you have to do is let me know what you need.

You can include the dots (music in old money) or let me get inspired on your behalf. A simple stereo track as a guide and off we go. Depending on how much you need we can tailor the costs accordingly. And all from under one very soundproof and friendly roof.



These are a speciality of The Live Room. Often a track loses its mojo and getting a fresh set of ears, and eyes on the project can help. This is where the remixes take on their own magic. Adding different grooves or harmonies can be a breath of fresh air on a dusty production. Similarly, a quick tweak here and there on levels, reverbs and some nice master processing can make the world of difference. All we need are the individual stems, either separate or in groups and then stand back. Let us know if you would like to try this approach to any of your songs or ideas. We often work on a project basis so any additional tweaks and changes are included in whatever has been agreed beforehand.

How to

Usually, it’s better to send via an FTP facility like We Transfer. This way all the tracks can be transported safely and intact.

Often sending full WAV files, we can retain the full quality and send back either as a full mix master with additional mastering for all streaming platforms, hard media (CD’s, Vinyl) or broadcast.

It’s so worthwhile and we are very good as everyone who has used this facility will testify.

If you would like to chat further send us an email: