Writing commercials and jingles became a mainstay for quite some time.

Originally commissioned to write Audio Visual presentations that featured specific brands, I managed to convince the excellent Chris Sandford and Iain Dunn from Hobo Radio Productions to give me a go at producing the music for one of their clients. I was given free reign with some of the most extraordinary and talented singers; Miriam Stockley, Carl Wayne, Bob Sayker, Tim Whitnall and loads more to vocalise, arrange and produce hundreds of colourful, corporate, comedic and memorable hooks on a regular basis.

When sadly Iain Dunn passed away I found the entire Hobo jingles library sitting in a cupboard on DAT (Digital Audio Tape) which I took with permission and delight.

I have since copied this and have access not only to some fine musical showreels but funny and iconic outtakes which I hope to include here.