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The Wedding-7

Well here we are now, three days after the event, and it was like witnessing an express train speeding through the many great memories, thoughts, smiles, cocktails and people in such a short space, it was head-whirling.
I did start a final pre-wedding blog but only managed a few lines and then ran out of time; A shame really as I did feel there were some more grumpy observations worth mentioning. I am personally proud that Jem’s latest blogs have inherited the prolific use of what we call ‘The MEANINGLESS’, and how so much of what we have to tolerate is completely that! Check out her last two or three which are brilliant! (
But everything that took place on September 21st was so joyful and happy, there was little room for Victor Meldrew and the Grumpy-Bear-Sore-Heads!
We had an amazing three hour whistle-stop rehearsal with probably the best band around who had given their time generously and sacrificially for all of the church music. Tim Whitnall, Mike Haughton, Terl Bryant, Martin Norfolk as the band with Rosie Adediran, Lizzie Hibbert and Thérèse Laverton on vocals supreme. And Matty ‘Matilda’ Hay, running about with flames shooting out of every orifice as he rigged, organized foldback, set up mics, and extinguished complaining performers. We managed with time to spare, and I found myself, case and suit in tow, walking off to a small ‘boutique’ hotel just around the corner from the church, having arranged to shower, change and gird my loins for the last hour before the main event.
Very sobering and somewhat surreal, with the thought that the next time I emerge, I would be walking my first born down the aisle.little-jem-and-dc “Stop walking so fast” she shouted at the rehearsals; ”Call yourself a musician? It’s right foot, left foot. Get it right will ya!?” We Did!
girliesWe had choreographed the eight bridesmaids to enter before the bride with specifically placed, vocally sung name-checks for each. It was the best show in town! And still a few guests decided to arrive late trying to squeeze in at the back as the Entrance-Overture-Specially-Produced-Music-Theme was in full swing. Needless to say, Jem, in full bridal attire, was very firm and shouted: “STOP! Wait until I’ve gone in!” Perfect.service
I was keen and insistent to offer a loud, confident and affirmative “I DO!” when asked by the vicar and then full steam ahead to confirm and seal the marriage between our Jem and Olli. It was then that it went into second, third and fourth gear with “O Happy Day’ (Sister Act 2 arrangement along with Jem Guest-singing the first verse), and two amazing songs, one of which we had written, while the register was signed. This generated several standing ovations and spontaneous dancing throughout the Temple!
“I don’t know what I think now!” someone was heard to say.
“If that is what Church is, I’m going back”, another offered.
I think people wanted to stay and carry on! And I can happily confirm that this was one Wedding that I definitely didn’t dislike. Far from it; it was a joyous and uplifting experience, and one that I, and almost three hundred guests will never forget.
Off now to the reception;last-pop-before-weddingI’m not the only one in need of a drink!

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