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Work in Progress

Ronnie Scott's
The website is live but remains a work in progress. I haven’t yet uploaded any of the music library, mainly because it’s so big, and it’ll take time to sort through.
But there’s plenty to listen to and watch here.

The dates include all the next few gigs, and tours, and if you can come to any, let me know. We’ll have a great table of goodies to sell, including albums, including the NEW Limited Edition.

WE recorded a total of 16 tracks but only included eleven on the album. So we’ll also be releasing some bonus tracks in time, like we have with Head, Heart and Bones, which you can see on then Studio and songs page.

Also, to date, I’ve only managed to add the Invoice Book. There are two more books to upload, including the Tour Diary I did on the Last Cliff World Tour. Including some great backstage pictures too.

So please enjoy looking round. And if anything works for you, just let me know.

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