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WOW in Frankfurt

Today we’re off to Frankfurt to celebrate ‘Women of the World’! (Whatever that mean.) Flying out with the marvelous Mike Haughton on saxes, Andy Pask on Bass, Terl Bryant on Percusssion, and of course Jem Cooke, we are playing tonight April 8th at Hessischer Rundfunk, which is German for Hessischer Radio Studio, I think! On at 8pm,so if there are tickets left, it would be great to see you. Studio 2 so it says on the blurb.
We’re doing the early out of T5 Heathrow this morning, packing far too much for a 24 hour stop over, but equally, never totally assured that we have everything we need; Hundreds of albums in the case, just in case, and a new album already out there ready for excited and hopeful fans to purchase should they like what they hear tonight.
I suppose if there was a fun way to start the week, this would be it, but having done this so many times before, the thought of the airport security, and the inevitable search for dubious substances in my guitar case doesn’t fill me with too much excitement. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine a nicer team with which to spend 24 hours, so we gird and prepare, hoping the fingers will hold up…………. Off for a run around my Park before the final pack.
See you in a while.

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