As most people will know, I started writing the music for Chucklevision from the very beginning. It started as a small feature on BBC TV on a Saturday morning. It soon became a mainstay in its own right following the success of Chucklehounds which also featured Paul and Barry dressed up as dogs! I did the music for this too.

Chucklevision ran for over 20 years and became a favourite of BBC Children’s TV.

We made an album; ‘To You To Me’, and I then decided to release a series of albums based on the music from the TV series. So far there are six albums all available on the usual streaming platforms.

Here are some links:

Chucklevision Album 1

Chucklevision Album 2

Chucklevision Album 3

Chucklevision TV Theme Tune

by Dave Cooke, Miriam Stockley

Chucklevision Remix

by Dave Cooke, Paul and Barry | Chucklevision as seen on TV

Shake The Barn

by Dave Cooke, Paul and Barry, Jem Cooke, Jay Stapely | Chucklevision as seen on TV

Dance with the Man

by Paul and Barry | Chucklvision as seen on TV

Silly You Silly Me

by Paul and Barry, Jem Cooke | Chucklevision as seen on TV